Thursday, February 21, 2008


Check your Upload Speed at Vonage

So how can you tell what your Vonage Upload Speed is? It is very simple using the Vonage web site. At the website click "Learn More" about either phone package near the bottom of the page. scoll down to the Requirements section and click the "broadband Ethernet" link. Then click the "How Can I Check My Internet Connection?" link in the middle of the page. Another link will apper directly below the previous one, and when clicked Vonage will automatically begin checking your upload speed. To Sign up for Vonage or for more information from Vonage click here.

Click Here

What is included with your Vonage Service?

Vonage Service includes a bunch of features for one low price. You can keep your phone number, It also comes with Caller Id, Call Waiting, Call return, International Callback, Call Forwarding, Voicemail Plus, Call Transfering, Call Hunt, Area Code Selection for your phone, Vonage V-Forecast, 511 Traveler Information, 311 dialing, Vonage and your phone number move with you, V-Access, Ring Lists, Click-2-Call, Caller Id Block, 3-way Calling, In-Network Calls, 811 Dialing and more.

Even if you don't know what all these features are the most common feature you currently use on your phone are here and you don't pay extra for every little feature. Link from Vonage Upload Speed back to the VoIP Internet Telephony.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love Skye

I have had Skype Unlimited for a couple of months now. It is really sweet. I went to Phoenix for a week and took my computer. ---my desktop--
Once I was hooked up to the internet I hopped on Skype and called. It was great, the place I was staying did not have a land line but it did not matter to me.

When I got home it was the same story. As soon as I was hooked up to DSL I was making calls.

I paid $30 for one years access to outgoing calls with Skype Unlimited.

That is less than one month for a land line.